Power Skating

Just a reminder there will be no Power Skating sessions over the "Christmas Break"

  • The last session December 16, 2021
  • Sessions will resume January 4, 2022

Hope your holiday season is filled with peace, joy, happiness.

Registration opens Sept. 11, 2021 @ 1:00pm

Registration Procedure

Please register your child in the class you feel is appropriate. The instructor will evaluate all skaters during the first 2 lessons and your child will be put in the proper level. If your child is asked by the instructor to move to another level the move must be made as this is for the child's benefit to be in the proper level. If you are unwilling to move your child your registration will be rejected and your money refunded minus the cancellation fee. No exceptions.

There will be a $30.00 Administration fee charged to anyone that drops out before the start of their session.

  • Fill out one form per skater. Choose ONLY ONE class per skater. If that class is full and there is an opening in the same level on another day you will be contacted.
  • Acceptance is by PayPal/Credit Card ONLY on a first come basis.
  • Registrations will ONLY be accepted on or after September 11, 2021 @ 1:00pm. The first 25 skaters for each class will be accepted.
  • Once a class is full you can register and your name will go on a waiting list (no payment required). Once a spot becomes available you will be contacted and will have to pay at that time.
  • Your Pay Pal reference number will be your confirmation number. No confirmation calls will be made.
  • Cancellation fee - $60.00 will be charged if skater drops out during the first 2 classes. No refund after the 2nd class.
  • Full hockey/ringette equipment is required. Skaters must be 5 years or older and registered on a hockey/ringette team. These classes are to improve skills not learn to skate.
  • All levels have 16 lessons
  • All classes are held at the Jack Hamilton Arena
  • Classes start October 12th and October 14th

Levels and Fees

  • U7 2015/2016 Level 1 6:00-6:40pm (Initiation Tuesdays) Must be able to skate - $320.00
  • U9 2013/2014 Level 1 1/2 6:40-7:20pm (Novice, Tuesdays) - $320.00
  • U9 2013/2014 Level 1 1/2 6:00-6:40pm ( Novice, Thursdays) - $320.00
  • U11 2011/2012 Level 2 7:20-8:15pm (Atom, Tuesdays) - $350.00
  • U11 2011/2012 Level 2 6:40-7:40pm (Atom, Thursdays) - $350.00
  • U13 2009/2010 Level 3 7:45-8:45pm (Pee Wee Thursdays) - $350.00

If you're using a Hotmail Email account, please whitelist the rnwsa.ca domain name.

A Letter from a Coach (pdf)


Power Skating Registration opens Sept. 11, 2021 @ 1:00pm

Upcoming Events

  • Jan
    Novice 6:00-6:40
  • Jan
    Atom 6:40-7:40
  • Jan
    Pee Wee 7:45-8:45
  • Feb
    Initiation 6:00-6:40
  • Feb
    Novice 6:40-7:20
  • Feb
    Atom 7:20-8:15