Power Skating

2021-2022 Online Form

Registration Procedure

Any harassment of volunteers or instructors will not be tolerated and your name will be put on a do not call list.

Community Association Membership

You must hold a valid 2021-2022 community association membership to apply for the RNWSA Power Skating program.

, I have a Community Association number, it is:

, I don't have a Community Association number.
    (An additional $10 registration fee will be applied at checkout.)

Please register your child in the class you feel is appropriate. The instructor will evaluate all skaters during the first 2 lessons and your child will be put in the proper level. If your child is asked by the instructor to move to another level the move must be made as this is for the child's benefit to be in the proper level. If you are unwilling to move your child your registration will be rejected and your money refunded minus the cancellation fee. No exceptions.


With the continuing COVID-19 conditions, there will be restrictions once we get started. By completing the registration you will be expected to comply with these conditions. You will receive an email you once we get the program set up and we'll update our web page with the policies and proceedures for the season.

Normal Registration Policy

By proceeding, you are agreeing to the above Registration Procedure.